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  1. Do you supply outside the India ?

  2. •  Yes, We ship internationally.

  3. Which is the shipping service you use?

    •  We have several vendors for shipping our material in India. However, for US it is UPS and similar courier services

  4. What are the shipping charges?

    •  Shipping charges will be charged at actuals. The thumb rule is Rs. 30/- per kg. There are some material which are low in cost but high in volume, these are charged at volumetric rates which are higher than the prescribed thumb rule. Eg: Cabinet for complete Bead Material, Stand for Number Rods.

  5. How long do you take to supply?

    •  If the material is in stock it will reach you within 10 days of receiving your confirmation. Else 4-6 weeks from the date of confirmation.

  6. Why is your material so affordable?

    •  Being Montessorians ourselves, we are sensitive to Montessori school's budget. We work with low margins without compromising to quality..

  7. Is the manufacture supervised by a trained person?

    •  The manufacturer and customer support is supervised and supported by an AMI trained who understands that "there is a genius hidden in every child"..

  8. What wood do you use?

    • We normally use Teakwood.

  9. Why do you use Teakwood? Will you make material with other than Teak?

    • Our manufacturing unit is in India. Teak is indigenous to India and grows in abundance there. It is the ideal wood for Montessori materials. Its' profound beauty draws the child and its' incredible durability is perfect for the excessive handling necessary for children's materials. It has natural fungus resistant oils and is resistant to water damage.

    • We also customize the products in lighter colored wood too.

  10. Do you use non-toxic paint?

    •  We use non-toxic paint and adhere to International norms.

  11. Are the dots on the wooden cubes and squares glued to the block or are they painted directly on the wood?

    • The dots on the wooden cubes and squares are screen printed directly on to the wooden blocks.

  12. Are the beads made out of plastic or glass? What is used for binding them together?

    •  The beads are made of molded plastic. Brass wire and plates are used to bind the bars, squares and cubes together.

  13. Does the sand come off the sandpaper letters?

    •  The sandpaper numbers and letters have emery paper stuck on. There is no sand particles to come off.

  14. What are the number cards made off?

    The number cards are made of hard board and the numbers are screen printed.

  15. Do you accept all types of Credit Cards?

    •  Presently we don't accept credit cards.

  16. Can I pay through Check?

    •  Yes, We accept the payment through Check also.

  17. What is the returns policy?

    •  In case of returns 20% of the invoice value will be charged as restoring charges. Return shipment has to be borne by the client. Returns will be accepted only 30 days after receipt. No returns or complaints will be entertained after 30 days. All complaints must be e-mailed to pcleindia@yahoo.com

  18. Do you have clients other than the India ?

    •  Yes, We have clients in US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan.

  19. What is the order cancellation procedure?

    •  You may cancel your order anytime before the shipment leaves. 5% of the returnable amount will be charged as "charge back" charges. If a consignment has already been shipped and you wish to cancel the orders or divert the order an additional Rs. 3000 will be charged + 20% of the order value restoring charges.

  20. What is the procedure of refund for payments made?

    •  Refunds will be made by check. Refund of the total item cost will be made if the complaint is made within 30 days. No refund or replacements will be entertained after 30 days

  21. What do you mean by 100% satisfaction guarantee?

    •  We guarantee 100% satisfaction on our products. If there are any manufacturing defects we will refund 100% of the item cost / give a store credit.

  22. How will the client know the order status?

    •  Can call us on 9246589101 or 9246589050 or e-mail us at pcleindia@yahoo.com

  23. Disclaimer : Due to various climatic conditions there could be some swelling in the products as they are made of wood. This is the natural phenomena / characteristic of wood.

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